Local Business Spotlight

Football season, college visits, fall weather, and holiday vacations are arriving before we know it and we've found a solution for you and your pets who can't travel with you (AND a fun idea for kid's birthday parties!).

Ark O' Noah Pet Sitting

Whether your pet is happier staying at home laying around or is a social butterfly that wants to be around people and other pets - Ark O' Noah has you taken care of with their services. You decide if you want in-home visits or boarding with a pet sitter. The in-home visits can be tailored to your pet's needs. If they expect a meal and walk every morning and a fetch session in the afternoon with dinner served in the evening, Ark O' Noah can handle that for you. If your dog or cat would rather be with a human being then they can pick them up or be dropped off with the pet sitter for the week/weekend. We hear some of the pet sitters allow your pups to sleep in the bed with them... Seriously, you don't get that with a regular boarding facility. We highly recommend this business for all of your animal needs, and we say "all of your animal needs" because we really do mean ALL of your animal needs - including exotic animals. You won't be disappointed by what they can do for you.

If you don't need pet sitting services, but you need a party idea, contact Ark O' Noah for their petting zoo. School events, church events, or birthday parties! We don't want to give all the details away about what animals they have because it's better to hear it from Amanda, owner and operator of Ark O' Noah, who is so passionate about all animals and we know you'll instantly love her and her team. 

Visit their website at www.ArkONoahPetSitting.com for all services and contact information. Let us know what you think about them and tell your friends.