6 Natural Ways to Survive Allergy Season

6 Ways to Survive Allergy Season






Hello! Seems simple right? Water is essential in surviving allergy season! The water keeps your sinuses hydrated for better lymphatic circulations in your body. A little bit of sea salt to your water may help your cells absorb and attain water faster and more efficiently. So in other words... DRINK UP!


Get to cooking! Making meals with onion and garlic which contain quercetin: a flavonoid that inhibits inflammatory reactions. Although they can be used once the allergies start, it's better to be used as a preventive.  These would be great in a chicken soup, YUM!


These foods are critical as they contain a high concentration of Omega 3 Fatty acids which are significant for decreasing the production of inflammatory chemicals in your body. They are also great sources of selenium which is a significant anti-allergy mineral. So grill up some fish, grab a handful of walnuts and fight off those allergies!

4. TEA

Get to sippin'! During an allergic reaction, histamines occur which stimulate your symptoms to come to the surface immediately. Various teas like Green and Chamomile Tea contain anti-histamines and anti-oxidants to boost your immune system's endurance levels. Green tea in particular contains catechins, which have shown to suppress the enzyme that translates histidine  to histamine. BONUS TIP: Find some LOCAL honey and add it to your tea. The honey will also prepare you for allergy season and also make your tea tasty!

5. EAT YOUR FRUITS!(and veggies)

Oranges, Strawberries, Apples, Kiwi..                                                                                                 Fruits contain vitamin C with acts as an anti-inflammatory to help counteract allergic reactions such as sinuses and inflammation to the lungs. To get this benefit, however, you need large doses of it which may cause some to experience upset stomachs. As such, foods containing vitamin C should be consumed gradually throughout the day. A smoothie for breakfast will start your day off with a healthy dose of Vitamin C!

6. Rosemary

Herb it up! Rosemary contains rosmarimic acid, which is a plant polyphenol that has been shown to minimize allergic reactions. It has shown to work by suppressing allergic immunoglobulin responses and leukocytes which causes inflammation. Rosemary is often uses to flavor meats, seafood, and even put in breads.

I hope these easy, every day remedies help you get through allergy season without a sneeze.