Cruise For Katie

Rules And Regulations

We are giving away a ________________________. Anyone who successfully takes a picture of Katie's car around Beaumont and post it to either their personal Facebook or their personal Instagram account, will be entered into a drawing that will take place on _____________. One name will be drawn and the second person will be up to the drawing winner.  

Accepted Entry

All Images submitted must include you in them. This is for verification that you are not using someone else's picture as your own.

Unaccepted Entry

A picture of Katie's car from far away without you in it is not accepted. We ask that you do not operate your camera while driving. Any entry submitted in this fashion will not be accepted or acknowledged.

Unaccepted Entry

If you do take a selfie with the car, your entry will not be accepted if you block the majority of the vehicle. An easy way to know if you are in the clear is by being able to read her name.